Guisachan History

Built in the 1850’s by Lord Tweedmouth, the 1600 acre historical Guisachan Estate is owned by the Fraser family. Guisachan offers the perfect destination for a holiday, away from the crowds.


Trace the history of the Guisachan Estate in this 32 page book, filled with historical black and white photos of Guisachan House, the village of Tomich and the surrounding estate.

Chapters include:

  • The Frasers of Culbokie
  • Guisachan under Lord Tweedmouth
  • Life in the Glen
  • Golden Retrievers – the Origin of the Breed
  • After Tweedmouth

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The Origin of the Golden Retriever is less obscure than most of the Retriever varieties, as the breed was definitely started by the first Lord Tweedmouth last century, as shown in his carefully kept private stud-book and notes.

First brought to light by his great nephew, the Earl of Ilchester in 1952. In 1868 Lord Tweedmouth mated a yellow Wavy-Coated Retriever (Nous) bred by Lord Chichester to a Tweed Water-Spaniel (Belle) from Ladykirk on the Tweed. These Tweed Water-Spaniels, rare except in the Border Country, are described by authorities of that time as like a small Retriever, liver-coloured and curly-coated. Lord Tweedmouth methodically line-bred down from this mating between 1868 and 1890, using anther Tweed Water-Spaniel, and outcrosses of two black Retrievers, an Irish Setter and a sandy-coloured Bloodhound. It is now known that one of the most influential Kennels in the first part of the century which lies behind all present day Golden Retrievers was founded on stock bred by Lord Tweedmouth.