What Scottish animals will I see in the Highlands?

10th May 2019. Posted by Tomich Hols

So, you are thinking of coming to the Highlands but don’t know which Scottish animals you will see? Here are my top five favourite Scottish animals that all live locally and can be found with some careful (quiet) sleuthing.

Red Squirrel

Red Squirrels are my favourite and there are lots of them in the forest. However, they aren’t easy to spot, even to the well practised eye. You can quite often hear them scrabbling around at the top of trees. Similarly you find well chewed pine cones on the tracks or old tree stumps. Sometimes just standing in one place gives you the best chance of witnessing them in their natural habitat.

Red Squirrel in the forest
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Next it is the majestic deer. Visit in March or April or in the Autumn to hear the stags roaring. It’s an amazing sound as they get ready for their ‘rut’ and are trying to entice the females. A trip up Glen Strathfarrar usually guarantees seeing herds of deer. Stay in our Woodland Lodges and you may catch them wandering through the trees.

Red Deer rutting in the Highland Glens

Pine Marten

My number three is the pine marten. These cheeky Highland mammals regularly visit bird feeders in the village of Tomich. For example, they just love peanut butter and jam! In addition you can see evidence of their existence in scat and footprints in the forest. On the other hand, it is pretty unlikely to just stumble across one of these on your travels but you may be lucky.

Pine Marten relaxing in the sunshine.
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Golden Eagle

Number four is the majestic Golden Eagle. There are a couple of known nests in our area. Walk above the Tomich and you may see them fishing in some of the local hill lochs. I have seen them fishing up Glen Cannich and soaring above Glen Affric. They are something to behold. If you see a large bird flying way overhead with what’s best described as ‘spread fingers’ at the end of their wings it is likely to be a Golden Eagle. They don’t make a lot of movement while flying which is usually enough to catch your attention (and they are massive 😂!).

Golden Eagle fishing in the lochs
Golden Eagle Protection

Scottish Wildcat

Number five is the most elusive of the lot, the Scottish Wildcat. Larger than a domestic cat but with similar tabby like markings. They are distinguishable from a normal cat by checking it doesn’t have any white feet and has a large, blunt, ringed tail. If you are in a un- populated area and you see a large cat cross the road in front of you the chances are it will be a wildcat.

Scottish Wildcat hiding in the undergrowth
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Now you just have to come and visit us at Tomich Holidays and see how many of these you can find 😉.